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On The Hunger Games Trilogy

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The first film in the Hunger Games trilogy is hitting theaters at midnight and is already looking like a huge success. If you haven’t read at least the first book I would recommend doing so this weekend. In honor of the event, is publishing a series of posts regarding the trilogy’s ending. Yours truly was asked to make a contribution, which you can read here, but you’ll want to read V&C program director Eric […]

Book overview: Good to Great

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I just wrapped up a quick post-graduation reading of Jim Collins’ Good to Great, on what is required for a company or organization to gain enduring success. The book was a gift from my boss, who has himself run large successful corporations, and spent several years as a consultant to troubled businesses. Watching him work is a learning experience by itself, and I’ve asked him to share with me some of the timeless principles he’s […]

The “Dollar Movie” Comeback

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As any other kid from a lower-class family did in the early 90’s, I frequented the bowling alleys, skating rinks, and yes… the Dollar Movies. Those were the days when Nintendo was in its infancy and Al Gore had yet to invent the internets. If you were bored you either went outside to goof around with neighborhood friends or you convinced your parents to drop you off somewhere with a few bucks. If you’ve kept […]