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Book Review: The End of Secularism

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I was recently approached to review a book for one of my professors at HBU, Dr. Hunter Baker. I was flattered by the opportunity to put my name among others who have reviewed the book, such as Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute, and David Dockery, President of Union University – though in no way does this place me among their esteemed ranks. The book is titled, The End of Secularism. Read below for my review, […]

$30 tickets cost $47 – Thanks to TICKETMASTER

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It’s been a while since I bought anything online from Ticketmaster, mostly because I stopped going to big concerts. I prefer the smaller venues with indie bands, where you can actually see what’s happening on stage. However, on this occasion a very favorite band of mine, Mute Math, is coming to Houston and since the show will probably sell out I have to pre-buy them online.  As is typical, Ticketmaster has a contract to be […]