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Trade and Cheez-Its: How to Teach Economics to Your Toddler

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Economics can be a dry subject. Finding a way to illustrate its principles in a way that is informative and fun is like figuring out a difficult magic trick: Once we figure out the trick, we want to show everyone. Last week, as I prepared to teach a class of high-schoolers a few foundational concepts in American political thought and economics, I came up with an exercise so easy you can teach it to a […]

What Conservatives are For

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This video comes from an April 22 address given by Senator Mike Lee, of Utah, at the Heritage Foundation. At nearly 24 minutes, it is pretty long, and he spends most of the time looking at his podium. However, the content of the speech provides one of the best expressions of the conservative cause that I’ve ever seen. Whatever your political position, this is worth your time. I’ve provided the text for convenience. Thank you […]

3D printing will break the Malthusian Box… again.

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Economics / Faith & Theology

In case you missed it, read my post at Values and Capitalism on 3D printing HERE. Moral of the story: creation always outpaces consumption. Hollywood commonly depicts humanity as a virus that constantly feeds on resources until they are used up. People say we must cut back in order to survive. It’s not a new idea, but it is a debunked one. We are limited only by our lack of imagination and faith in the […]