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“Investment” and Romney’s taxes

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One of president Obama’s favorite rhetorical tools is to use the term “investment” when discussing his economic philosophy. Common examples include “infrastructure, education, green jobs and basic research.” He calls these “investments” as he makes the case for more government spending (aka higher taxes and bigger government).┬áMr. President, I don’t think that word means what you think it means. “Investment” without a greater return is just an expense. Pumping $500 million into a solar power […]

Libertarianism, Conservatism and Christianity: Can coercion bring glory to God?

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A discussion has been ongoing at Values and Capitalism over the relationship between Christianity and libertarianism. Does the libertarian emphasis on individualism and license jive with Christian values of brotherhood and morality? And does conservatism offer a different answer? This morning’s post examines these questions and more >> click here to read the blog.