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This video is more than funny, it’s the next trend in advertising

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Being a male, there isn’t much I can relate to in this short video about a young girl faking her first period. But I can still appreciate the humor. But beyond the hilarity, there’s an interesting concept that indicates an emerging trend in advertising. Publishers and advertising agencies are struggling to find solutions to an industry that appears to be losing steam. There was a time when families sat around television sets and provided a captive audience for […]

Houston: The New York of the South or Armpit of America?

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I’ve never been particularly proud of my hometown – Houston. It’s flat and crowded, and the humid air mixed with car exhaust is less than ideal. On the other hand, the rich cultural diversity and thriving economic environment offer some things to love. And the food – where else can you get top-notch BBQ or mexican food for lunch, then for dinner go out for some Vietnamese pho (pronounced “fuh”) or smoke hookah at a […]