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What Conservatives are For

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Economics / Political Commentary

This video comes from an April 22 address given by Senator Mike Lee, of Utah, at the Heritage Foundation. At nearly 24 minutes, it is pretty long, and he spends most of the time looking at his podium. However, the content of the speech provides one of the best expressions of the conservative cause that I’ve ever seen. Whatever your political position, this is worth your time. I’ve provided the text for convenience. Thank you […]

Are we supposed to care about children or not?

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I would like to hear an answer to this question: Do the rights of women to decide on the birth of their children supersede the rights of U.S. citizens to own guns? Or to put it in Piers Morgan’s words, does the “right of a child not to be blown away” also imply a child’s right not to have its spinal cord severed with scissors as part of a late-term abortion procedure? I’ll get back […]

Why are we debating guns again?

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Political Commentary

Studies consistently show that violence and gun-related crimes in America are at their lowest point in decades. Furthermore, there is no reliable evidence that stricter gun laws do anything to reduce murder rates. Many argue that relaxed gun laws make us safer. Yet, here we are having a tense national debate about gun regulations, as if Congress had nothing else to do. This is the part of politics that makes me want to throw my hands […]