10 Innovations That Will Change Your Future

Despite fears of economic disaster from both left and right, companies have continued to innovate in recent years. The amazing thing about innovation is its ability to not only create more jobs, but to change the very way we live, and therefore create entirely new kinds of jobs.

How will we live differently by the time the next generation comes of age? Here are just a few developments from companies that are literally changing the world and generating opportunity…

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Cheez-It (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Economics can be a dry subject. Finding a way to illustrate its principles in a way that is informative and fun is like figuring out a difficult magic trick: Once we figure out the trick, we want to show everyone. Last week, as I prepared to teach a class of high-schoolers a few foundational concepts in American political thought and economics, I came up with an exercise so easy you can teach it to a toddler—with the caveat that you have an exceptionally bright toddler, of course.


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