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How “Free” Kills (posted @ CommonSenseConcept)

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In case you missed it, a piece I wrote for the “Two Cents” blog at Common Sense Concept was published Tuesday. In the post, I talk about the degrading effects of free money. (click image to read) We’ve all heard phrases like “you don’t appreciate what you don’t earn” or “no pain no gain.” The idea that income must follow labor goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, where Adam is told, […]

Dusting off the ole blog…

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{ Stretch…… yawn….. } It’s time to bring the blog out of hibernation. Back in early November I began submitting applications to several graduate schools, and on trustworthy advice, I tucked away any online evidence that could sway the judgment of admissions committees (just in case). Being late-March, I think we’re in the clear. As of 3/21 I have received one acceptance letter from Louisiana State University. I am still waiting on Georgetown, Notre Dame, U. […]

A week in D.C. and thoughts on Libertarianism

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It’s been several days, and I am only now recovering from what turned out to be quite an exhausting week in Washington, DC. I travelled there on invitation from the Institute for Humane Studies to participate in one of their week-long summer seminars—this one focused on public policy from a libertarian perspective. We spent about 10 hours each day in lectures, Q & A session and discussion groups. Of the 60 or so students who […]