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Greetings from Atlanta!

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FINALLY! A free wi-fi network. I assumed a nice hotel like the Westin Peachtree Plaza would have an open network,… not so. I had to come down the street to the Mall food court. Anyway, here I am, broadcasting from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m here as one of about 50 students from around the U.S. (and 12 other nations) who have been selected to participate in a week-long economic seminar. It’s being put on by the […]

Government Takeover: A Lesson in Free Markets

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It’s true. An insider memo to Republicans, from a strategist who has been working with the party for years, encouraged party leaders to use the word “Government Takeover” when referring to the Democrat’s plan. His name is Frank Luntz, and he is an expert on the power of words in marketing. He understands that communicating is less about what is said, and much more about what is heard, so crafting language carefully is essential when […]

Sonia Sotomayor & Judicial Interpretation

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Good judgement in American civil law is a result of understanding the foundations of that law, and is completely separated from personal opinions, personal experiences and personal feelings. The ability to withhold these things and make objective judgments, allowing the Constitution – and the spirit under which it was written – to be the authority, is what separates a Supreme Court Justice from a political activist.