Thanks for taking interest in my story.

It’s a story that includes a record deal in Hollywood and getting shouted out of the studio by Beyoncé’s producer.

It includes the semester I spent hanging out in the living room of one of America’s most eminent political theorists, who helped write constitutions for half the developing world. It includes the years I spent mentoring under the seasoned advertising executive who helped Lee Iococa revive Chrysler Corp, and taught us all not to “mess with Texas.” And then the time I found myself working on a presidential campaign (no, not that one).

In my story, the one constant is visionary change. At every step, I’ve been at the forefront of growth through strategy and communication.

Perhaps you’d like to know more about my story, and I’d be happy to share as I learn more about yours. In my career, I help organizations see the future and position themselves to seize it. I help them tell their stories to the right audiences, to create change.

Let’s talk.

My wife and I—both native Houstonians—live with our dog and two cats in the suburban township of Sugar Land, TX, along the banks of the Brazos River.

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