Thanks for taking interest in my story.

I’m a curious person, always looking to understand patterns and connections. I am creative, which actually describes two different things: art and innovation. I am always looking for the untapped potential and the unmet demand, and opportunities not just to win the game, but to reinvent it.

Having graduated from an art magnet high school, I went into web design and entertainment. I founded and performed in the national-award-winning music group Jack in the Pulpit, and explored a career in producing for audio and film. At 25, I fell in love with The Federalist Papers, and went back to school for a B.A. in Government with a minor in Communication. I graduated cum laude, then gained a Masters degree in political science from the University of Houston, where I published an honors thesis on the 18th century French economist Frédéric Bastiat. During this time, I travelled across the country participating in conferences and seminars on economics and public policy. I helped launch as a writer, consistently ranked among the “Top Posts of the Year.”

While putting myself through school, I helped plant a church in the creative center of Houston, and began working in marketing at Houston Baptist University, where I supported a transformational vision for the institution. In my work at HBU, I helped drive record increases in enrollment, donor giving, alumni engagement, housing, and the launch of major initiatives to elevate the brand and attract smart, talented people.

Beginning around 2013, I made the decision to focus on my career in the business world, stepping back from public policy and nonprofits. My mission is to help brands position themselves for growth, so they can better serve their communities. There are many parts to this, but my focus right now is on identifying improvements in customer communication and experience—how a brand expresses its purpose, value, and values to the right audience, then builds strategies for engagement and sales. I am seeking a new role currently, so I would be happy to speak about how I can help you.

My wife and I—both native Houstonians—live with our dog and two cats in the suburban township of Sugar Land, TX, along the banks of the Brazos River.

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