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The difference in “marketing,” “advertising” and “branding”

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Design & Marketing

People use the words marketing, branding, and advertising interchangeably. Though they are clearly related, it is helpful for any businessperson to understand the difference. Advertising refers specifically to media that “gets the word out” by interrupting your day with some useful and memorable message. I use the word “interrupt” not because ads are inconvenient—though many are—but because they tend to find you, not the other way around. Good advertisers predict why you might like a given product, what you might be up to […]

RNC ads confirm GOP disconnect

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Design & Marketing / Political Commentary

The GOP has a brand problem. Recent years have highlighted a widening gap between the Republican Party and several key demographics. If you’re a young, black woman in a relatively low-paying job, there probably isn’t a GOP convention in your future. A conservative fitting that description would be sought out and flown in, all-expenses-paid, just to have them in the seats when the camera pans over the crowd. Most analysts argue that the party’s position […]