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Why your marketing efforts are backward

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Design & Marketing

If you own a company, there is a temptation to treat marketing the same way you buy office supplies. You find someone who has design software or you buy one yourself, and dial up a quick advertisement to tell people all about your products and services. Done. Box checked. Not so fast. If you’re that focused on efficiency, you could have wasted money much easier by lighting it on fire. It’d be more entertaining anyway. In fact, […]

10 Innovations That Will Change Your Future

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Economics / Syndicated Posts

10 Innovations That Will Change Your Future Despite fears of economic disaster from both left and right, companies have continued to innovate in recent years. The amazing thing about innovation is its ability to not only create more jobs, but to change the very way we live, and therefore create entirely new kinds of jobs. How will we live differently by the time the next generation comes of age? Here are just a few developments […]

Helping the least of these: business done right

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One of the greatest problems inherent in government entitlement programs is their tendency to see people as victims who are both incapable of responsibility and unable to provide for themselves or others. As a consequence, the hand-out approach so quickly adopted leads to programs that actually further some of the root causes of the situation, encouraging behaviors that keep individuals in material and spiritual poverty. Whether we’re talking about the third world or people in […]