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Interpreting “you didn’t build that.”

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Political Commentary

I had not planned to comment on the president’s “you didn’t build that” gaffe, but as it echoes in the blogosphere it becomes difficult to avoid. It’s not so much his original statement that has me thinking, but the various ways in which people on both sides have interpreted it—most have it wrong. Let us explore. For the innocent bystanders, here is the section of his speech in question: There are a lot of wealthy, […]

Book overview: Good to Great

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I just wrapped up a quick post-graduation reading of Jim Collins’ Good to Great, on what is required for a company or organization to gain enduring success. The book was a gift from my boss, who has himself run large successful corporations, and spent several years as a consultant to troubled businesses. Watching him work is a learning experience by itself, and I’ve asked him to share with me some of the timeless principles he’s […]