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Is income inequality a “problem”?

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Economics / Society & Culture

I was just watching the show “GPS” on CNN. Speaking on the subject of income inequality, host Fareed Zakaria said “everyone agrees that income inequality is a major problem.” His guest, Malcolm Gladwell (author of Blink) then explained a theory of how it started, with an expansion of capital in the 1970s, the elites in entertainment and major corporations began demanding higher incomes. My first thought was: I didn’t know that “everyone agrees” that income […]

Media Bias?

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Political Commentary

Let’s face it – we live in a time of 24-hour news programming that seems pretty much incapable of complete objectivity. What irritates me though is the way FOX News Channel tends to be plucked out from the rest as ideologically driven, while other channels are left alone, implying that they are not. Hogwash. For several years I didn’t have cable television, so I couldn’t rightfully formulate an opinion on the matter. But I come now, fully equipped, […]