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Education in America, part I

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Four years ago I could not have guessed how much I would appreciate Houston Baptist University, and I am certain this would not be the case had Dr. Robert Sloan, former president of Baylor, not taken the reigns the year before I entered. Indeed, he was part of the reason I decided on HBU. The greater reason was that I wanted a learning environment where issues of morality and faith were part of the discussion—where […]

Where are the Conservative Commencement Speakers?

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Fox News released an article today showing that commencement speakers at universities across the nation this year were almost entirely Liberal. In fact, this is nothing new, since Academia has practically banished all conservative thought for the last 30 years. But it’s good to see the numbers from time to time and be reminded of the war that is at hand. Here’s the article. It seems, though, that in recent years the push against this […]