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Candy Crowley goofed

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Political Commentary

    In perhaps the most memorable segment of the second presidential debate, moderator Candy Crowley corrected Mitt Romney in support of the president, and to the uncouth applause of the off-camera audience and Mrs. Obama.     While the on-the-spot fact-checking may have pleased some viewers, it was a disservice to a fair and balanced debate. Crowley interjected with a technicality that handed Obama a victory. We should first understand why Romney made the […]

Bills, Bills, Bills

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Political Commentary

Seems like Congress is pushing through lots of bills these days. And they’re really, really big. Now, we don’t want the fact that the bills are really long and complex to delay the lawmaking process. That could leave the door open to deeper analysis and understanding about proposed laws, the devastating effects of which could be public debate and disagreement. Experts warn that laws, when subject to deliberation and opposition, often fail passage, and that […]