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The “What Would Jesus Cut?” debate

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While elected officials in Washington have been debating over the debt ceiling, another robust conversation has been materializing at the intersection of faith, poverty and economic policy. In July, an ecumenical coalition of Christian leaders met with President Obama to present a statement—the “Circle of Protection“—casting welfare programs as a moral imperative. Claiming a commitment to the values outlined in Matthew 25 (“…whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you […]

Purpose & Prosperity: Linking Christian Ideals with Sound Public Policy

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C.S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity that God wants “a child’s heart but a grown-up’s head.” Followers of Christ are charged, by the ethos of our calling, with a high standard of practical reason, fused with compassion. When we carry our faith to the political sphere, we must do so with grounded understanding, not idealistic, emotive or superficial thinking. This means that the abdication of our duty to educate ourselves in the unsightly “secular” forces […]

Explaining the Economic Collapse

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I haven’t seen the movie yet, but if your recent cinematic experiences include The Other Guys, and you stayed until the very end, you probably saw this sequence, about how wealthy people hunt starving little children in Bagladesh and trade them for yachts and pigmy giraffes. Well, Josh Tyler at, I can’t say whether or not the creators of this clip are trying to explain the economic collapse, as you say, but I can […]