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Video: Debate on FDR’s Depression Policies

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Economics / Political Commentary

This is an important discussion to have in our current crisis, and in trying to decide just how much the government should be doing, if anything, to pull us out of the recession. Economists have spent 80 years trying to understand the causes of the Great Depression, but the debate that has gained attention in recent years centers on the reasons why it was so deep and so prolonged. America has seen many depressions, and […]

The Case for Capitalism

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Economics / Political Commentary / Society & Culture

Having returned from my week-long seminar on free-market economics, it feels like a good time to address a question that seems to be at the forefront of the public mind—is Capitalism helping or hurting our society?  Those who pose this question are typically concerned that in an economic system where human actions are motivated by profits, the businessmen will always cheat, the wealthy will always win, and everyone else will spend their lives trying to […]

Popcorn Economics: the analysis of a ripoff

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I don’t buy popcorn at the movies. Don’t get me wrong – I love that buttery junk, but the thrill just isn’t worth five bucks. Apparently, the iconic movie snack has reached a spot on BillShrink’s “12 biggest ripoffs in America” list.  Amusing.  But it begs the question: are things like movie popcorn and hotel mini-bar snacks really ripoffs? You hear it all the time: “I can’t believe you guys are charging that much for […]