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Education in America, part I

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Education / Society & Culture

Four years ago I could not have guessed how much I would appreciate Houston Baptist University, and I am certain this would not be the case had Dr. Robert Sloan, former president of Baylor, not taken the reigns the year before I entered. Indeed, he was part of the reason I decided on HBU. The greater reason was that I wanted a learning environment where issues of morality and faith were part of the discussion—where […]

Texas Board of Education strikes a blow to progressivism

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Political Commentary

Even if the health care bill fails, and if Republicans win back majority control in the House this November, the biggest conservative victory of the year probably took place this afternoon in Austin, Texas.  After years of progressive slant in social studies textbooks, the Texas State Board of Education approved a new curriculum that would include more conservative ideas. This news is particularly important because it will effect how books are written nation-wide, as publishers […]

Rewriting proven science… again

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Faith & Theology

I haven’t historically been a big TV watcher. It is a vortex through which potentially productive citizens are eternally lost. However, if used correctly and with moderation, it can be a source of leisurely entertainment and even education. Last night was one of those occasions. I happened to catch the Discovery channel’s special on “Ardi” – the latest in hominid paleontological discoveries. It was actually discovered a decade ago, but it has taken this long to […]