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3D printing will break the Malthusian Box… again.

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Economics / Faith & Theology

In case you missed it, read my post at Values and Capitalism on 3D printing HERE. Moral of the story: creation always outpaces consumption. Hollywood commonly depicts humanity as a virus that constantly feeds on resources until they are used up. People say we must cut back in order to survive. It’s not a new idea, but it is a debunked one. We are limited only by our lack of imagination and faith in the […]

Leave Whole Foods Alone

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Political Commentary / Society & Culture

I was speaking to someone several days ago who said he was an old high-school buddy of Whole Foods Market Founder and CEO John Mackey – a likely story, since the national chain opened its first store only a couple of hours away. Perhaps I can arrange to meet him and beg him not to give in to the demands of environmental extremists. A report from PR Newswire says that “the Sustainable Supply Chain Coalition, […]