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What Net Neutrality says about Market Neutrality

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Economics / Political Commentary / Society & Culture posted a great article in which the author espouses the benefits of a free and open internet, otherwise known as “Net Neutrality,” arguing that any law limiting that freedom would “shatter the core values that make the Internet so profoundly valuable to society.” I couldn’t agree more. The internet has become an incredible tool for information, communication, trade, and practically anything else we can think of. And this has only been possible because millions […]

The Case for Capitalism

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Economics / Political Commentary / Society & Culture

Having returned from my week-long seminar on free-market economics, it feels like a good time to address a question that seems to be at the forefront of the public mind—is Capitalism helping or hurting our society?  Those who pose this question are typically concerned that in an economic system where human actions are motivated by profits, the businessmen will always cheat, the wealthy will always win, and everyone else will spend their lives trying to […]

Government Takeover: A Lesson in Free Markets

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It’s true. An insider memo to Republicans, from a strategist who has been working with the party for years, encouraged party leaders to use the word “Government Takeover” when referring to the Democrat’s plan. His name is Frank Luntz, and he is an expert on the power of words in marketing. He understands that communicating is less about what is said, and much more about what is heard, so crafting language carefully is essential when […]