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The Shutdown Rundown

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Political Commentary

By this time, many of you are tired of the political bickering and just want to get the most important things moving. The problem is, you all disagree about what that means. The federal government shutdown, having brought about such terrifying events such as park closures and the inability to get a passport in time for a planned vacation, has sent Americans’ discontentment with their government to new highs. Not to make light of a […]

A Debt Ceiling Synopsis

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Economics / Political Commentary

One of the goals of my blog is to distill the world of politics and economics down to a format that most people can digest. Today’s topic: the debt ceiling. It’s important, but it’s also complicated. I’ll try to bring you up to speed in under 1,000 words. THE NATIONAL DEBT Just like every household can have debt, so can our government. And like households, the government must balance its income with its expenditures in […]