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HBU Name Change, part II

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Since my last post supporting a possible name change for Houston Baptist University, a number of arguments have surfaced to which I have yet to see a thorough public response. To some extent they were addressed in last week’s “town hall” meeting, but I wanted to offer a few follow-up comments of my own. 1. We’ve already put 50 years into our name, why start from scratch? The frank reality of HBU’s situation is that, […]

Thoughts on the HBU name change

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Houston Baptist University has invited its various constituents to a town hall meeting to “discuss the name of the University.” The notion of a possible change is now the hot topic du jour. As both a loyal alumnus and a member of the marketing staff (University Communications) I wanted to offer my perspective, and perhaps address a few of the fears and misconceptions that have surfaced. First, let me state my support for a name […]