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Local Elections: My picks for 2009

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Political Commentary

This Tuesday Houstonians will be voting on a number of important issues, including Mayor, Controller, several City Council positions and a handful of State Constitutional Amendments. The exceptionally small voter turnout at local elections reveals a great public misunderstanding about the institutions and individuals that affect our daily lives. On the other hand it allows those of us who do vote to have an increased influence on local issues. National figures often climb their way up […]

The Establishment Clause – Overturned

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Political Philosophy

In 2003, a Houston, Texas real-estate-agent-turned-attorney by the name of Kay Staley successfully sued Harris County to have a Bible, which had been on display for decades in front of the courthouse, removed on claims of unconstitutionality, per the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment. Staley is now on a new mission. The Houston City Council opens its regular meetings with a short prayer. Sometimes members of the public are invited to pray, and other […]

Houston: The New York of the South or Armpit of America?

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I’ve never been particularly proud of my hometown – Houston. It’s flat and crowded, and the humid air mixed with car exhaust is less than ideal. On the other hand, the rich cultural diversity and thriving economic environment offer some things to love. And the food – where else can you get top-notch BBQ or mexican food for lunch, then for dinner go out for some Vietnamese pho (pronounced “fuh”) or smoke hookah at a […]