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Why the Tea Party isn’t right-wing extremism,… or moderate

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There seems to be mass confusion over the Tea Party movement. One of the most common myths is that no one ever complained about government expansion and massive deficits before Obama; that this Tea Party business is not protesting government, but the president, due to partisanship, racism, or both. A few points need to be made clear: A) They aren’t partisan, B) some of them are racists, but it’s irrelevant, and C) There was plenty […]

The Political Ideology Spectrum

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Political Commentary

If you've ever been frustrated, confused or irritated at trying to figure out what political "team" you're supposed to play for, join the club. It's enough to make a lot of people shrug their shoulders and opt for easier choices in life, like whether you want your steak medium or medium rare. Therefore, I've attempted to provide the most accurate and shortest explanation known to mankind.

Where are the Conservative Commencement Speakers?

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Fox News released an article today showing that commencement speakers at universities across the nation this year were almost entirely Liberal. In fact, this is nothing new, since Academia has practically banished all conservative thought for the last 30 years. But it’s good to see the numbers from time to time and be reminded of the war that is at hand. Here’s the article. It seems, though, that in recent years the push against this […]