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The Political Ideology Spectrum

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If you've ever been frustrated, confused or irritated at trying to figure out what political "team" you're supposed to play for, join the club. It's enough to make a lot of people shrug their shoulders and opt for easier choices in life, like whether you want your steak medium or medium rare. Therefore, I've attempted to provide the most accurate and shortest explanation known to mankind.

Leave Whole Foods Alone

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I was speaking to someone several days ago who said he was an old high-school buddy of Whole Foods Market Founder and CEO John Mackey – a likely story, since the national chain opened its first store only a couple of hours away. Perhaps I can arrange to meet him and beg him not to give in to the demands of environmental extremists. A report from PR Newswire says that “the Sustainable Supply Chain Coalition, […]

Hey, how about a new Federalist Party?

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Third parties are generally a waste of time, and there are two primary reasons. #1: lack of sufficient funds and networking for a successful national campaign, and #2: a hesitancy among people in both major parties who fear that by abandoning the ship they are weakening it, only to dive into a sinking boat. Instead, the parties shift and sway with the interests of those who support it. Because of the fundamental ideological differences in […]