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Post-Election thoughts and the future of the GOP

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Political Commentary

Let’s start with Houston – Our city charter requires that the mayor receive a majority vote. When this doesn’t happen the top two vote-getters go at it again in a run-off election. Such is now the case between Annise Parker and Gene Locke, who will go face to face in December. Per my explanation below, I voted for Parker. She wasn’t the perfect candidate, but the perfect candidate didn’t exist, and the only other decent […]

Local Elections: My picks for 2009

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Political Commentary

This Tuesday Houstonians will be voting on a number of important issues, including Mayor, Controller, several City Council positions and a handful of State Constitutional Amendments. The exceptionally small voter turnout at local elections reveals a great public misunderstanding about the institutions and individuals that affect our daily lives. On the other hand it allows those of us who do vote to have an increased influence on local issues. National figures often climb their way up […]