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Jesus: our favorite cop out

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Faith & Theology

You want to know what the hardest thing about being a Christian is for me? It’s not questioning whether God is really there, or wondering why bad things happen to good people. No. What’s most difficult for me is my irritation with people who use their faith as an excuse to do things poorly, whether as a result of ignorance, or even worse, sloth. It makes me angry. In addition to the goofy four-legged creature, […]

Media Bias?

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Political Commentary

Let’s face it – we live in a time of 24-hour news programming that seems pretty much incapable of complete objectivity. What irritates me though is the way FOX News Channel tends to be plucked out from the rest as ideologically driven, while other channels are left alone, implying that they are not. Hogwash. For several years I didn’t have cable television, so I couldn’t rightfully formulate an opinion on the matter. But I come now, fully equipped, […]