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Four more years: What this election means

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No one likes a sore loser. In some ways last night’s election was just another election, and we’ll have another one in four years. In fact, we are much more likely to see a Republican nominee that has the charisma of Barack Obama, but the principles of Calvin Coolidge. I’m throwing my hat in early for Marco Rubio. Yet, I would by lying if I did not admit my concern for the future of the […]

Why I’m voting for Romney

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The momentum in this election has clearly shifted toward Romney. His debate performance erased Obama’s 15% lead among women, and over the last two weeks polls are putting Romney either neck-and-neck or slightly ahead. The data from Gallup, who has been tracking early and likely voters, suggests that not only is Romney winning among people who say they will vote on election day, but even among people who have already voted—a bloc that typically leans […]

“Investment” and Romney’s taxes

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One of president Obama’s favorite rhetorical tools is to use the term “investment” when discussing his economic philosophy. Common examples include “infrastructure, education, green jobs and basic research.” He calls these “investments” as he makes the case for more government spending (aka higher taxes and bigger government). Mr. President, I don’t think that word means what you think it means. “Investment” without a greater return is just an expense. Pumping $500 million into a solar power […]