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The Mosque

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I’m going to chime in on this ground zero mosque issue that everyone is raving about, though I should admit that there are plenty of factors to consider, which I may not see. The builders say it’s intended to promote understanding and cooperation. The opposition says it’s an offensive gesture, and quite possibly a national defense issue. The supporters say everyone has a right to practice religion and the God-and-Guns people need to stop being chauvinists. […]

Post-Election thoughts and the future of the GOP

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Let’s start with Houston – Our city charter requires that the mayor receive a majority vote. When this doesn’t happen the top two vote-getters go at it again in a run-off election. Such is now the case between Annise Parker and Gene Locke, who will go face to face in December. Per my explanation below, I voted for Parker. She wasn’t the perfect candidate, but the perfect candidate didn’t exist, and the only other decent […]