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The Problem with Republicans…

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Political Commentary

I always enjoy a good conversation about politics. I find few topics more meaningful than the nature of justice – how people achieve power over others and how to prevent the abuse of that power. Through these conversations I’ve found that people have many different views on many different subjects. The myth is that America is a two-party nation. No two parties could possibly encompass the broad views of a nation of free thinkers. The […]

Speaking out AGAINST Matthew 25

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  I saw it online a few weeks ago, and yesterday I ran across a full-page ad for it in RELEVANT magazine. The campaign is called Matthew 25, and its intent is to attract Christians to a candidate who supports the verse -namely, Barack Obama.   The campaign is referring to verses 35-36 of said book and chapter in the New Testament: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty […]