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Big Gov: Because disagreement is so inconvenient

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Call it Statism, Progressivism, or whatever big-government “ism” you see fit. This quote, from a February interview Obama gave with Katie Couric, reveals the fundamental viewpoint of what Friedrich Hayek called “central planning.” For context, he is referring to special deals made to members of Congress in order to sway them toward a “yes” vote on the health care bill. “Look, I would have loved nothing better than to simply come up with some very […]

An early call on 2012

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We are nearly 3 years out from the 2012 presidential election. Many things will change in that time. Any predictions about that election are pretty useless, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun with it. Here is my prophecy for the upcoming 3 years. 2010 – This year Democrats are in a position to lose seats wether they act on health care or not. Their neglect of the economy in favor of an unpopular […]

The Mount Vernon Statement

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Along with several other statements and platforms being developed/released this year by right-leaning groups, The Mount Vernon Statement has been released today, outlining the principles of “Constitutional Conservatism”. Here’s the link. This statement is the best I’ve seen in terms of defining exactly what conservatism means in 2010 America. It isn’t a platform. The mistake that has been made by critics such as David Frum, or “Allahpundit” over at HotAir is assuming this is some […]