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What Conservatives are For

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Economics / Political Commentary

This video comes from an April 22 address given by Senator Mike Lee, of Utah, at the Heritage Foundation. At nearly 24 minutes, it is pretty long, and he spends most of the time looking at his podium. However, the content of the speech provides one of the best expressions of the conservative cause that I’ve ever seen. Whatever your political position, this is worth your time. I’ve provided the text for convenience. Thank you […]

Prosperity & Poverty in 12 sentences

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Economics / Political Commentary / Political Philosophy / Society & Culture

Six principles essential to a free, prosperous and humane society: 1. Political power is the most dangerous kind, and must be kept in check. 2. Put resources where resources are generated—if the goose that lays the golden egg is well-fed we’ll all be better off. 3. Human beings have a right to the expression of their ideas, and ownership over their lives and the fruits of their labor. 4. Nothing is free—every choice has a cost, […]