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“Liberalism” and its changing identity

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I’ve decided never to use the term “Liberal” again. Or rather, I’m not going to use it to refer to someone who seeks further government expansion and intervention into the marketplace and our individual lives. The term originated during the enlightenment, when concepts of natural rights and democracy were catching on like wildfire in the western world. Revolutions in nearly every country followed, and the idea of limited government and free markets replaced monarchism and […]

Big Gov: Because disagreement is so inconvenient

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Call it Statism, Progressivism, or whatever big-government “ism” you see fit. This quote, from a February interview Obama gave with Katie Couric, reveals the fundamental viewpoint of what Friedrich Hayek called “central planning.” For context, he is referring to special deals made to members of Congress in order to sway them toward a “yes” vote on the health care bill. “Look, I would have loved nothing better than to simply come up with some very […]