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Great Videos from PovertyCure and the Koch Foundation

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It will take you 10 minutes, but watching these two videos just might change the way you look at poverty and prosperity among the nations of the world. No previous economic education is required—they’re both clear, simple, and well produced, but what they’re saying is massive. During most of our history, America led the way in showing the world the value of political and economic freedom, combined with a strong work ethic. The end of […]

Prosperity & Poverty in 12 sentences

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Six principles essential to a free, prosperous and humane society: 1. Political power is the most dangerous kind, and must be kept in check. 2. Put resources where resources are generated—if the goose that lays the golden egg is well-fed we’ll all be better off. 3. Human beings have a right to the expression of their ideas, and ownership over their lives and the fruits of their labor. 4. Nothing is free—every choice has a cost, […]