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Book Review: The End of Secularism

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Books & Entertainment / Faith & Theology

I was recently approached to review a book for one of my professors at HBU, Dr. Hunter Baker. I was flattered by the opportunity to put my name among others who have reviewed the book, such as Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute, and David Dockery, President of Union University – though in no way does this place me among their esteemed ranks. The book is titled, The End of Secularism. Read below for my review, […]

The Establishment Clause – Overturned

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Political Philosophy

In 2003, a Houston, Texas real-estate-agent-turned-attorney by the name of Kay Staley successfully sued Harris County to have a Bible, which had been on display for decades in front of the courthouse, removed on claims of unconstitutionality, per the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment. Staley is now on a new mission. The Houston City Council opens its regular meetings with a short prayer. Sometimes members of the public are invited to pray, and other […]