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RNC ads confirm GOP disconnect

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The GOP has a brand problem. Recent years have highlighted a widening gap between the Republican Party and several key demographics. If you’re a young, black woman in a relatively low-paying job, there probably isn’t a GOP convention in your future. A conservative fitting that description would be sought out and flown in, all-expenses-paid, just to have them in the seats when the camera pans over the crowd. Most analysts argue that the party’s position […]

Theories on Romney’s loss (one involves beer!)

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Political Commentary

In my “morning after” post, I speculated that the nation has affirmed its mild embrace of big government. I am not so certain today. It is probably still true that the nation is not as center-right as conservatives presumed it to be, and that the Obama election in 2008 indeed reflected a shift in public views, but a couple of statistics have me curious. Compared to 2008, Politico exit polls found a 10 percent increase […]