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The Encroaching Danger of Zero-Tolerance Conservatism

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Political Commentary

David Frum had a good piece on the special elections in New York, Virginia and New Jersey, from which an important quote should be observed: “And if the Republicans pick up an Arkansas Senate seat and a dozen blue-dog Democratic House seats in 2010, you can see this “tea party” mentality taking strong hold of the GOP in the run-up to 2012. But a political formula that encourages Republicans to write off the suburbs, the Northeast, […]

The Problem with Republicans…

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Political Commentary

I always enjoy a good conversation about politics. I find few topics more meaningful than the nature of justice – how people achieve power over others and how to prevent the abuse of that power. Through these conversations I’ve found that people have many different views on many different subjects. The myth is that America is a two-party nation. No two parties could possibly encompass the broad views of a nation of free thinkers. The […]