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These aren’t your mother’s civil rights: mob mentality and the end of free speech

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Within one month, the nation saw the ousting of two public figures for their stances on religion and race. Those behind the ousting claim they are championing the cause of civil rights in the 21st century. But something is amiss, and it is profoundly disturbing. Way back in 2008, Mozilla Founder/CEO and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich made what was apparently a horrible, life-changing mistake: he financially supported an initiative (Proposition 8) to protect traditional marriage in […]

Mayors reject Chick-Fil-A

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In the worst economy in decades, the Mayors of Boston and Chicago are proudly denying their citizens jobs, free choice and tasty chicken. Chick-Fil-A made headlines last week after its president laid bare his views on same-sex marriage. On a radio interview, Dan Cathy said our generation was “arrogant” for thinking that we can simply redefine marriage, and he spoke of his family’s values and how they influence the company culture. This should be no […]