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Bad Science for the cause of Secularism

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Faith & Theology

Recent study shows that people's ideas about God's values tend to match their own, and researchers are using this to conclude that religious people impose their own beliefs on God, thereby creating their very own perfect being, and validating their own views. There's just one problem I have with the analysis of the results: correlation doesn't imply causation.

Rewriting proven science… again

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Faith & Theology

I haven’t historically been a big TV watcher. It is a vortex through which potentially productive citizens are eternally lost. However, if used correctly and with moderation, it can be a source of leisurely entertainment and even education. Last night was one of those occasions. I happened to catch the Discovery channel’s special on “Ardi” – the latest in hominid paleontological discoveries. It was actually discovered a decade ago, but it has taken this long to […]