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The Mount Vernon Statement

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Along with several other statements and platforms being developed/released this year by right-leaning groups, The Mount Vernon Statement has been released today, outlining the principles of “Constitutional Conservatism”. Here’s the link. This statement is the best I’ve seen in terms of defining exactly what conservatism means in 2010 America. It isn’t a platform. The mistake that has been made by critics such as David Frum, or “Allahpundit” over at HotAir is assuming this is some […]

If you can’t beat them, kill them.

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Despite the promises of bi-partisan efforts and the rhetoric about "working together to get things done" the Democratic leadership in Washington, as well as far-left bloggers seem to be taking on more aggressive approach to the debate through the elimination of opposing views. There's nothing Democratic about it, but I suppose that's one way of getting things "done."