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This video is more than funny, it’s the next trend in advertising

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Design & Marketing / Humor

Being a male, there isn’t much I can relate to in this short video about a young girl faking her first period. But I can still appreciate the humor. But beyond the hilarity, there’s an interesting concept that indicates an emerging trend in advertising. Publishers and advertising agencies are struggling to find solutions to an industry that appears to be losing steam. There was a time when families sat around television sets and provided a captive audience for […]

RNC ads confirm GOP disconnect

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Design & Marketing / Political Commentary

The GOP has a brand problem. Recent years have highlighted a widening gap between the Republican Party and several key demographics. If you’re a young, black woman in a relatively low-paying job, there probably isn’t a GOP convention in your future. A conservative fitting that description would be sought out and flown in, all-expenses-paid, just to have them in the seats when the camera pans over the crowd. Most analysts argue that the party’s position […]

Great Videos from PovertyCure and the Koch Foundation

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Design & Marketing / Economics

It will take you 10 minutes, but watching these two videos just might change the way you look at poverty and prosperity among the nations of the world. No previous economic education is required—they’re both clear, simple, and well produced, but what they’re saying is massive. During most of our history, America led the way in showing the world the value of political and economic freedom, combined with a strong work ethic. The end of […]