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A voting guide for the undecided

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Political Commentary

The opportunity to vote for president should not be taken lightly, as I discussed in my last post. Yet, it’s not always an easy process, particularly if you are young or consider yourself a “moderate.” Every day you encounter new bits of information that change the way you think about things, and it seems that both sides are right and wrong. To help clear up the fog of campaign season, here are a few tips […]

Local Elections: My picks for 2009

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Political Commentary

This Tuesday Houstonians will be voting on a number of important issues, including Mayor, Controller, several City Council positions and a handful of State Constitutional Amendments. The exceptionally small voter turnout at local elections reveals a great public misunderstanding about the institutions and individuals that affect our daily lives. On the other hand it allows those of us who do vote to have an increased influence on local issues. National figures often climb their way up […]