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A week in D.C. and thoughts on Libertarianism

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It’s been several days, and I am only now recovering from what turned out to be quite an exhausting week in Washington, DC. I travelled there on invitation from the Institute for Humane Studies to participate in one of their week-long summer seminars—this one focused on public policy from a libertarian perspective. We spent about 10 hours each day in lectures, Q & A session and discussion groups. Of the 60 or so students who […]

Has the American experiment failed?

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Democracy sentenced Socrates to death, appointed Hitler to lead the German people to prosperity, and kept the human slave trade legal in the United States for 71 years after George Washington took office. The fact that people do stupid things that harm themselves should teach us an important lesson: The greatest threat to Democracy is Democracy itself. That’s a simple truth that our Founders understood, and tried to avoid. They created, instead, a Representative Republic. As […]