The high notes (and a few crises):

  • 1995 — played first show at Fitzgerald’s in Houston
  • 1997 — selected to attend a visual arts magnet high school
  • 1999 — landed a job doing surveys for voter/consumer marketing research firm
  • 2000 — survived Y2K, awarded scholarship to Glassell School of Art (MFAH)
  • 2002 — studied audio and visual production at local community college, worked as a designer and audio engineer
  • 2003 — second band wins national JBL/Guitar Center contest; records first album at the legendary Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA. Kept a day job as pre-press tech at a commercial printing house.
  • 2004 — first of two albums released with the band Jack in the Pulpit
  • 2005 — kicked out of a studio by Beyonce’s producer for having a good idea at the wrong time
  • 2006 — first full-time design job at a web design firm
  • 2007 — enrolled in 4-year university; major in Government, Minor in Communications
  • 2008 — survived housing crash, started as Designer on university marketing team
  • 2009 — launched a church; led music and design, served in strategic planning
  • 2010 — started writing economics blogs for AEI, one of the nation’s most influential policy think tanks
  • 2011 — graduated cum laude, enrolled in MA program, promoted to Art Director & Brand Strategist
  • 2012 — mentored under the senior ad exec behind several iconic national campaigns of the 1980s-90s
  • 2013 — studied in the living room of one of the world’s top experts on constitutional design
  • 2014 — earned Masters degree in Political Science
  • 2015 — served as Senior Designer at Academy Sports & Outdoors
  • 2016 — joined Polymath as Communications Strategist, later Director of Strategy
  • 2017 — became a dad
  • 2018 — moved to Austin, TX
  • 2019 — parented a foster child
  • 2020 — survived Covid, released solo album as Post Ephemera
  • 2023 — TBD

Let’s connect over coffee if you happen to be in the Austin area. Contact via LinkedIn or shoot an email.


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