I was once kicked out of the recording studio by Beyoncé’s producer.

That’s part of my story. A story that also includes the semester I spent talking about constitutions and economics in the living room of one of America’s most eminent political theorists. And a few years mentoring under the seasoned advertising executive who helped Lee Iococa revive Chrysler Corp. And there was that time I worked on a presidential campaign (FWIW, marketing and politics are two interesting things that don’t mix well).

My story takes many twists and turns, but it has all been in pursuit of one question: what inspires people to believe, to love, and to act? I’ve built a professional career in design, branding, and marketing, helping dozens of organizations refocus their own story and strategy.

Let’s connect over a cup of joe if you happen to be in the Austin, TX area. We’ll talk about music, the future, and the cool projects we’re working on.

Shoot me an email or connect on LinkedIn via the homepage.


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