“Wes is one of the sharpest communicators I’ve had the pleasure of working with,… He has always been a fantastic collaborator, catching the vision, challenging preconceptions, and sharpening our overall strategy. Wes has been instrumental to HBU’s recent success.”
– Josh Sikora, Director of Cinema and New Media Arts, HBU

Wesley’s work ethic, positive attitude and intellect is bar none. A gifted communicator and thinker, Wesley makes every project he is involved in better.
– Kerri-Neil Storm, VP Strategy and Accounts, Polymath Agency

“Wesley is a strategic, creative thinker who brings both business acumen and smart design skills to every project he undertakes.”
— Kim Andrews, Communications and Advancement Writer, HBU

“Wes is attentive to every detail, and his work is consistently beautiful. What distinguishes him from other designers, however, is his concern to understand the big picture, to ask questions that helped us craft pieces that told our story to the people we wanted to reach.”
– Gary Hartenburg, Director of the Honors College, HBU

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Wes after many successful collaborations on marketing campaigns and communication strategies. Wes cannot only see the big picture, he has the ability to manage the entire creative process. He formulates the concept … then pulls together a finished product that is first-class. Wes has been an integral part of our success at HBU and we would not be where we are today without his incredible contributions.”
— James Steen, Vice President, Enrollment Management, HBU

“He exhibited intelligence, thoughtfulness, a strong work ethic and camaraderie. Wes was great to have as a student and to work with as an employee. Strong mind, warm personality, dedicated team member sums up Wes.”
— Paul Bonicelli, Executive Vice President, Regent University

“Wesley is smart, talented, and conscientious. He combines artistic and conceptual creativity with the mind of an intellectual. I was more than satisfied with his work at every turn. If you have an opportunity to employ him, you should absolutely do so.”
— Hunter Baker, Associate Provost, Union University

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