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I am currently Director of Strategy at Polymath, a creative and marketing consultancy.

In this role, I interface with clients to understand their goals and translate them into strategies, designs, and campaigns that enable stronger audience engagement.

Marketing strategy and campaign management

Much of my work takes the form of briefs, proposals, analysis, and strategic plans. There isn’t much to show, but the following provides a sense of what that work entails:

  • FamilyLife – Omnichannel GTM strategy for a product launch, with goals to exceed 100k unit sales.
  • Truett Seminary – Marketing strategy for launching successful extension campuses in new cities
  • AEI – Marketing campaign for a documentary (see the website below)
  • 4 Rivers – Social media marketing for several e-commerce clients, driving book and event ticket sales
  • YER – Marketing strategy targeting career executives, growing the client’s email list
  • Unreachable No More – Marketing strategy for the mission aviation industry, targeting Gen Z, recruiting students, growing the email list and social following
  • LifeOnLife.org – Setting up marketing operations and strategy for a growing organization (more below)
  • Jack Cooper – Marketing campaign to recruit drivers for one of the nation’s top off-the-line vehicle carriers
  • Steven Graves – Marketing campaign to drive leads and sales for corporate strategy coaching
  • Science for the Church – Social media marketing campaign to drive 10x growth of email list
  • Gulu Made – GTM strategy to launch new apparel brand

Web, design, and video

Client: American Enterprise Institute – Washington, DC

Project: Marketing campaign and website for the launch of AEI’s documentary, For Love of Neighbor: Politics for the Common Good.
Role: Campaign strategy and management, creative direction
Results: 100k people watched the film trailer via our ad campaign, leading to 10k visitors to the site, where they engaged with additional content. The film was screened at dozens of university campuses and viewed by thousands more than estimates projected.

Client: Baylor University – Waco, TX

Project: Website and email for 100 Days of Dante
Role: Creative direction, brand development, project management
Results: The project far exceeded expectations, gaining over 10,000 subscribers across the U.S. within the first month. The client returned for additional improvements a year later.

Client: Vascular Care Group – Boston, MA

Project: Branding and website for a merger of three clinics into one company
Role: Brand development, creative direction, content architecture
Results: Vascular Care Group successfully launched their new enterprise and increased online appointment rates

Client: LifeOnLife.org – Atlanta, GA

Project: Marketing strategy and website
: Marketing strategy and operations architecture, creative direction, copywriting
Results: LifeOnLife.org has expanded its reach at a national scale and enjoyed managed growth in line with its goals

Client: Ubora – Tanzania, Africa

Project: Branding and website
Role: Brand development, creative direction

Client: Naviga Global – Bloomington, MN

Project: Explainer video promoting Naviga Global’s flagship product
: Scripting, creative direction

Client: Parkmobile – Atlanta, GA

Project: One of two promotional animations for Parkmobile’s first foray into video
: Scripting, creative direction
Results: We produced these videos when digital parking payments were a novel idea. Today, Parkmobile is one of the nation’s leading parking platforms.