Strategic marketer and creative with a diverse background in design, branding, organizational strategy and behavioral economics. I elevate brands and drive engagement through better communication and customer experience.

Skills:  positioning  •  design  •  user/customer experience  •  content strategy  •  marketing  •  innovation  •  storytelling  •  writing  •  strategic planning  •  SWOT + PEST analysis

Meyers-Briggs Personality Type:  ENTJ or ENTP

Email me here • Call 832-541-7712 • Connect on LinkedIn


  • Consulted for senior leadership of national businesses and nonprofits
  • Led Strategic Communications team in a creative agency
  • Transformed university marketing, with growth rate 10x the national average
  • Served on core creative team for major retailer with $4.7 billion annual revenue
  • MA in Political Science, BA (cum laude) in Government, minor in Communications
  • Nationally published writer on topics from business and economics to ethics and policy