Ignorance of Anti-Iraq-War Thought

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The video is completely irrelevant here, but I thought it was funny.

Another thing I find funny is the thinking process of the typical anti-war democrat. Let us examine it for a moment, through their own words. Perhaps by doing so we will learn to appreciate those whose minds are still intact, in hopes that we will see a decent tomorrow.

Quote #1: “Iraq didn’t attack us, Al Qaeda did… so we should be focused on Afghanistan and finding Osama Bin Laden.” – At first this seems like a logical argument, but upon closer examination you will see several flaws in this great plan. First of all, we DID go into Afghanistan and we took out most of their terrorist network. Then Britain helped us remove the Taliban from power. To this day, the new Afghan government helps us out a lot in the fight against terrorism, and we have around 30,000 troops there now. Secondly, Osama Bin Laden is really not that important. His capture and death would do little more than make us feel better. He would be quickly replaced by someone else, probably a younger guy with even more radical views and violent solutions. Bin Laden doesn’t get his due credit. He’s a smart guy who grew up in a wealthy family, with a good education and strong political ties. If someone were holding you hostage, would you rather it be because they are angry and want something, or because they are truly insane? So I don’t think the U.S. is all that concerned with spending the necessary time and money on finding and killing Bin Laden. He’s just not that important. But Iraq definitely is. Iraq harbored terrorist networks aimed at attacking the U.S. and Saddam Hussein blatantly violated U.N. sanctions and would not cooperate. He wanted the world to think he had WMD’s and touted it. America had every right to take action. I’m not saying mistakes haven’t been made, but I think that Iraq was a very clever strategic move in the overall fight,… and one that is fought on their land, not ours.

Quote #2: “There is no “terrorism”, it’s just a made up conspiracy to scare people into submission. 9/11 was an inside job.” – If that’s the case then why are you complaining about the first quote? You don’t think terrorism is real, but you want us in Afghanistan capturing Bin Laden? This quote isn’t just for liberals though, conspiracy theorists come in many colors, including my own brother, who is a Libertarian, but doesn’t know it. I’ve heard all of the points for this view, and most of them are misleading or downright false. I’ve watched Loose Change, and I remain thoroughly unconvinced. Aside from the many holes and flaws all through the documentary, there are some common sense factors. For starters, it would take hundreds or thousands of people and several years to pull off 9/11,… don’t you think SOMEONE would’ve leaked some info? Our government can’t keep anything secret for long. Also, if you were the one behind this master plan, wouldn’t you make sure everything adds up just right? But there are a lot of things that don’t add up. Scientifically they do, but not logically. And if there are no terrorists then how do you explain the extensive history of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the middle east? 9/11 wasn’t the world’s first terrorist attack, nor was it the first attack against America. Do some homework: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Qaeda

Quote #3: We need to send troops into Darfur. Ok,… so we should be sending troops to fight in a conflict that is none of our business, yet we shouldn’t have bothered with Iraq? This just doesn’t make sense. By the way, we do have people in Darfur providing assistance, it’s just that they are not out to kill Americans and remove Israel and America from the map. It just seems a little more serious.

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  1. Jack Nagel says

    #1 was basically the war cry of the Republican party and the Bush administration until they decided it would be personally beneficial to high ranking government officials cough Cheney cough to go into Iraq. Bush said countless times that he wanted to get bin Laden but now the neoconservatives brush it off as no big deal. Bush lied.

    #2 is a nutjob conspiracy theorist thought, not that of an anti-war Democrat.

    #3 has nothing to do with Iraq.

    So you basically have no idea what you are talking about, you just wanted to attack those who don’t share your beliefs. You talk big but you don’t understand the topic at all.

  2. Lauren says

    #3 should be explained more clearly. I can hardly make out the gist of your point in including it. You may consider naming who made which statements to give yourself credibility.

  3. wgant81 says

    In response to the two comments about #3, I should make it clear that my objective in the blog was to offer a rebuttal of common arguments and complaints by left-wing anti-war folks. True, it has nothing to do with Iraq, but it’s a statement I’ve heard often, and I pointed it out because I think it’s interesting that many people who say we have no business in Iraq support the idea of involvement in Darfur. Is this not true?

  4. God wants the murders sent to him, God told his pelope to wipe out non believing nations,one of king davids generals, was a great warrior and a great hero, he stabed one of the cabinet members and killed him,then he was labled a murder, and then was also killed. the new testiment christ said if you don’t have a sword buy a sword. christ used vilance to drive the money changers out of the temple so that his pelope could got in and worship, how do you think christ would have handled a man who killed thosands of his pelope? I want to say these bleeding heart christians that feel sorry for this evil man, should sit down and read the bible. I am a very strong christian, i support this station but enough is enough listening to everyone feeling sorry for this man who killed so many. I don’t support the partys in the streets either, but this is something that is well over due. even the muslins around the world are in celabration over this.

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