VIDEO – Introducing Left-wing Netroots

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“Netroots” is a new internet-derived term describing grassroots campaigns on the net, which is sometimes referred to as “nutroots” by anyone wishing to insult or make fun of a movement or state-of-mind that is founded in ignorance. Somebody call Webster and let him know we’ve got some new words.


Unfortunately I could not embed the video, so you’ll have to follow the link. It is a 20+ minute documentary on the Yearly Kos convention early this month. I don’t know much about the website,, but from what I’ve seen, heard and experienced on their site tells me that they have one objective – to destroy the republican party and get Democrats in office. Actually, that agenda is blatantly stateD on the “About Us” section, so it’s no surprise.

A site called sent in a reporter to scope the scene and find out what goes on. There are some interesting interviews. No doubt that PajamasMedia is right-leaning, and therefore the video is going to be somewhat biased, but I appreciate that the right-wing is developing a presence on the net. Considering the massive amount of liberal and “progressive” sites out there who post their propaganda, it doesn’t bother me that there’s at least a voice of rebuttal to even the score a bit.

One segment in the video features a soldier in uniform speaking out against some things that he felt were misleading. He was reprimanded and accused of breaking military code by protesting in uniform. Since the incident, it has become apparent that he was well within the law, as soldiers are permitted to speak on a subject concerning the war in which they are fighting. Or something of that nature. I’m not a lawyer, you can look it up yourself.

Just thought it was an interesting video, and I’m more than willing to spread it around so we can all get a look into the views of left-wing netroots.

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